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Tippers, Beaters, Sticks, Cípins

Here is a gallery of my tippers. Cípin is the Gaelic name for the beater. Please be aware that I am not selling tippers. This is just a gallery of some tippers I own!

Beginner's Stick

I acquired this tipper together with my first bodhrán in Irland. The big "buds" on both ends give more drive, the elevation in the middle allows for a better grip when playing:

(Update: In the meantime, I have sold this tipper together with my first bodhrán. But I am still showing its picture here for nostalgic reasons.)

Beginner's Stick ME6

Quite similar build as the tipper above, just Makassar ebony and from the shop of Christian Hedwitschak (CHd). His tippers are made by master wood turner Stephan Moises:

(Length: 23cm; Weight: 25g)

Snakewood SW5

A Snakewood tipper from CHd's shop. Round sound, but compared with the beginner's sticks above this one plays very smoothly. The foam grip gives additional support while holding the tipper:

(Length: 22,2cm; Weight: 19g)


This tipper is made of Ebony. For me, it has the perfect combination of length and "bulbiness". The bulbs make it sound more distinct than the SW5 above, but not as "hard" as perhaps the ConcertStick below:

(Length: 23,8cm; Weight: 18g)


A ConcertStick with slightly thicker ends and rounded edges made of eucalyptus wood. This tipper is a unicate by Ralf Siepmann:

(Length: 26,2cm; Weight: 16g)

Snakewood SW3

Another Snakewood tipper from CHd's shop, very thin, elegant and agile; it just flies over the skin:

(Length: 23,8cm; Weight: 16g)

Snakewood 'Rolf's Special'

Rolf's Special Snakewood is similar to the SW3 above, yet thicker (and thus heavier) and not as rounded at the ends; this allows for a more pronounced sound. It was made by Eoin Leonard of Belgarth Bodhráns:

(Length: 25,4cm; Weight: 20g)


This fast-flying DrumStick looks like a miniature drum stick and is suited for both double- and single-ended style of play. The small round tip creates a well defined sound. Ralf Siepmann made this unicate out of an antique stock of Rio Palisander, since today this rare wood is under protection:

(Length: 26,6cm; Weight: 17g)

MB 1

This tipper is a cross between the SW3 and the SW5 out of Brazilian Walnut — it is as long and fast as the SW3, but has SW5's bulbs that give the stick a better momentum. This tipper and the following three were graciously made for me by Mike Boyd, Maine, after we came into contact through this website:

(Length: 23.8cm; Weight: 17g)

MB 2

This is a thicker variant of the MB 1, made of Bloodwood; bloodwood is a strikingly red and very dense wood. It is a great tipper, one of my favorites:

(Length: 24.5cm; Weight: 20g)

MB 3

This tipper, also out of Bloodwood, is a slender, fast-moving stick. The blue rubber band gives hold during play:

(Length: 24.8cm; Weight: 16g)

MB 4

Since Tigerwood is a very light-weight wood, Mike Boyd has inserted small screws as weights in the bulbs. Without these inlays, the stick would be too "airy" for continuous play. With the weights added, the tipper is very balanced. At the same time, the striped wood structure looks gorgeous:

(Length: 24cm; Weight: 16g)

Hot Rod

A Hot Rod produces a "clicking" sound. You can adjust how tight or how loose the individual rods are packed together for play (and thereby how much "clicking" the sound will have) with the black rubber ring up front. All rods on this page were made by Ralf Siepmann:

(Length: 24,4cm; Weight: 26g)

Jazz Rod

The Jazz Rod is for the bodhrán what the brush is for the snare drum. Compared to the Hot Rod above, the sound is a very soft "clicking" or a very distinctive "swishing":

(Length: 24,4cm; Weight: 33g)

Power Rod

The Power Rod has the thickest individual rods and thus, as you might expect, the most powerful sound of all rods here. It really rocks:

(Length: 24,4cm; Weight: 28g)

Thin Rod

I got the Thin Rod, which is a slender cross between a Hot Rod and a Power Rod, because prolongued play with the other rods can be a bit tiring due to their relative thickness. The Thin Rod is much lighter and has about the same diameter as a "normal" tipper:

(Length: 24,1cm; Weight: 18g)

Bulb Clicker

The Bulb Clicker ist an effect tipper with deeply cross-cut bulbs. It sounds similar to a rod, but more defined and pronounced. Due to the bulb shaped ends, the Bulb Clicker also plays much differently than a rod:

(Length: 23,6cm; Weight: 24g)


This brush is a standard hair brush from a convenience store. I had to look around quite a bit before I found the right one. Look for natural bristles and a round grip. The bristles have been bent intentionally by storing them in a tube (e.g. an empty toilet paper roll), otherwise you can't play with it.
The brush produces a soft sound, even softer than the Jazz Rod. You can use it for accompanying slow songs. The rougher your skin, the stronger the brushing effect is. If need be, though, you can get quite a bang with the wood tip:

(Length: 22cm; Weight: 54g)