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The Beast

This bodhrán, which I just call "The Beast", is a so-called "RWE - Signature Line". RWE stands for 'Rolf Wagels Edition', and the drum was built by the Bavarian drum maker Christian Hedwitschak. It has the following features:

  • original Lambeg skin from The North of Ireland
  • solid beech wood frame (three layers)
  • red "fiddle bottom maple" veneer
  • taped
  • no special leather strip under drum skin
  • tool-less tuning system
  • 40 cm diameter
  • 15,3 cm frame depth
  • built in September 2007

Christian Hedwitschak developed the 'RWE' together with the German bodhrán player Rolf Wagels (which is why the drum is exclusively available through Rolf Wagels (worldwide distribution)).


Simply looking at "The Beast" is a pure joy, because it is so masterfully crafted and beautifully designed. It really shows that the drum maker is a master carpenter, hence the high quality of the make.

As I acquired the drum in September 2007, it is fairly well "played in" by now. But I expect the sound to delvelop even more in the future. Other bodhrán players have told me that they believe my RWE has a sensational bass for a Lambeg drum. The RWE is known for its distinctive attack in the higher range as well as its well-balanced bass, and mine indeed has a particularly beautiful sounding bass. It is such a joy playing the instrument, so practicing is no problem at all.


Aerial view:

One of eight tuning pegs :

The drum maker's logo, signature and date of production:

Here is a picture of the bodhrán in a homemade stand: 

And here is a picture of the bodhrán in its bag: