Bodhrán Lounge is a private Website on the Irish frame drum, the "bodhrán" [pronounce: bow-rahn]. The website is mainly aimed at beginners. When I started out playing the bodhrán, I could find very few online resources and had wished for such an introductory site.

This site does not deal with origins and history of the bodhrán. Rather, it gives hands-on instructions on how to play it. The website also is not a substitute for a bodhrán class or workshop. The goal is to provide basic information and give a general overview that might better prepare the genuinely interested bodhrán student for such a workshop.

Thus, I would like to collect anything that is of interest to a budding bodhrán player on these pages.

I would like to thank Rolf Wagels, one of Europe's leading bodhrán players and teachers for technical support, valuable advice and generally good vibes in putting this website together. And kudos to Dean Wipperman for helping me with the English version of the site.

Off We Go!

This website is called Bodhrán Lounge, because hopefully, it will be a nice place to hang out for people interested in the bodhrán. In keeping with this theme, the individual sections of this website are called "couches". Have fun trying out these couches, and I am looking forward to your feedback.