Films and Files

Here you will find a few movies with nice bodhrán solos. Learning to play the bodhrán also means learning from watching other players do their thing.

John Joe Kelly

John Joe Kelly of 'Flook' with a bodhrán solo at the Milwaukee Irishfest 2004:

Eamon Murray

Eamon Murray of 'Beoga':

Rolf Wagels

Everybody's Darling Rolf Wagels, alias 'Little Big Rolf', with a solo at the 10th Bodhrán Weekend in Vollmerz 2006:

Guido Plüschke

'Iron Man' Guido Plüschke with his solo at the 10th Bodhrán Weekend in Vollmerz 2006:

Cormac Byrne

Cormac Byrne of 'Uiscedwr' at the Shepley Spring Festival 2008:

Kip Ruefle

Kip Ruefle demonstrates the sound of a bodhrán made by Albert Alfonso, with a very fast single end technique:

Sándor Kis

Sándor Kis is the bodhrán player of the Hungarian Band 'Bran'. The video was made at a concert on St. Patrick's Day in Budapest.

Joey Mc Nulty

Ten-year old Joey Mc Nulty of Swinford with his bodhrán solo at the Bodhrán World Championships 2007 (Milltown, Co. Kerry, Juni 2007).