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The Thunder Wedge

My second bodhrán is a so-called "GPS - Signature Line". GPS stands for 'Guido Plüschke Spezial', and the drum was built by the Bavarian drum maker Christian Hedwitschak. I call this drum "Thunder Wedge". It has the following features:

  • original "Dragonskin" drumhead
  • inside and outside mahogany pommelé veneer
  • black tuning rims
  • taped
  • special leather strip under drum skin
  • tool-less tuning system
  • 40 cm diameter
  • 14 cm frame depth
  • built in 2008

Christian Hedwitschak developed the 'GPS' together with the German bodhrán player Guido Plüschke (which is why the drum is exclusively available through Guido Plüschke only, worldwide distribution).


My "Thunder Wedge" has a distinct bass even for a "GPS". The soft "Dragonskin" reacts brilliantly to pressure of the skin hand. The higher range is present, but not as much in the foreground as with the "RWE". The sound is alltogether very pleasant, creamy and bassy, but at the same time allowing good forays to the higher range. As all drums made by Christian Hedwitschak, it is masterfully crafted and beautifully designed.

I acquired the drum in October 2008. Like no other Bodhrán, „Dragonskin” drums already sound well-played in when they come from the workshop. Still, the sound will develop even further in the next months.


The "Thunder Wedge":

Three of eight tuning pegs :

The drum maker's logo, signature and date of production:

Another full shot of the bodhrán: 


Christian Hedwitschak has discontinued making the GPS in the meantime.